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Avoid CapEx, Cloud-based Condition Monitoring Solutions Explained (and Video)

Grant Gerke | April 12, 2018

Senseye condition monitoring white paper
Condition indicators can be monitored in a number of ways, from someone looking and listening to a machine, to sensors providing ongoing measurement of a set of variables.

With plant managers looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, companies are now evaluating lightweight, cloud-based predictive maintenance or condition monitoring solutions. Capital budgets are seeing modest increases across industries, a recent 2018 Food Processing on capital spends study showed a 2% increase for CapEx in 2018.

With this overall CapEx trend in manufacturing, IoT projects may be finding homes within operations budgets for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance project upgrades. Cloud solutions, such as machine modeling,  can also offer q quick return-on-investment (ROI) for management.

One company providing this type of solution is UK-based Senseye and its cloud-based condition monitoring software. According to Senseye, its solution is an automatic Cd’M analysis and prognostics (Remaining Useful Life analysis) product, using IIoT technology — existing and new sensors — machine learning, prognostics techniques and artificial intelligence.

Machine modeling is the foundation of the solution and couples with cloud analytics to provide a deeper understanding of Cd’M alerts. Many industries are pursuing this approach, such as craft beer maker Deschutes Brewery (see here) and their move to optimize beer processing without buying more equipment or automation.

In a recent white paper, the Senseye analyzes different types of manual maintenance monitoring activities, such as ultrasound, oil debris, acoustic, vibration and more, and provides a quick evaluation of traditional approaches while introducing its service.

Also noted in a recent blog post about the Cd’M solution for 2018 is “additional scalability enhancements, enabling manufacturers to monitor and share the learning of Remaining Useful Life of thousands of machines based across multiple geographies. Secondly, new compatibility with leading third-party industrial platforms, including GE Predix, Siemens MindSphere and SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM); Compatibility with the PTC ThingWorx Marketplace™ to offer predictive maintenance to users of PTC’s leading ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform.

Click here for the Senseye white paper (click here)  and below is a presentation of the cloud-based solution from Rob Russell, chief technology officer at Senseye.



Grant Gerke

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