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What Does this SAP Error Mean?

EP Editorial Staff | May 17, 2018

By Kristina Gordon, Illumiti

I receive many calls from the preventive-maintenance community requesting help closing work orders and information about error messages received when dealing with MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations). This month, I have compiled some of the most commonly encountered problems and how to resolve them. Please keep in mind that, depending on system configurations, resolutions to these issues can vary from company to company.

The balance of a completed work order is not zero.

Possible cause: Postings have occurred against the order and the cost settlement has not been completed.

Solution: Check the cost report to verify charges are correct, then contact your finance department to settle the order using transaction KO88. If you have access to this transaction, see the screen shot  below to complete.


Transaction KO88: Enter work order number, settlement period (month), and year. You have the option to first run a test, then execute transaction to complete settlement of the order.

Unprocessed future change requests for an order are preventing del flag/completion.

Possible cause 1: Goods movements have been posted with errors. Most commonly, there was not enough stock available in SAP to complete the goods issue.

Possible cause 2: Calculation of actual cost failed.

Solution: Run program CORUAFFW or CORUCOFC to correct; this is done using transaction SA38 or SE38, then entering the program and executing (in most cases only super users or someone in your IT/SAP department can run a program). These programs will produce goods movement errors for individual records or orders and show costing data that has not been maintained for activity types/cost-center combinations.

Note: Updating the costing data will not be sufficient to correct the problem. You will need to reverse the confirmations on the order using transaction IW45, then close the order. Since confirmations did not post in the past, there will be no impact on order cost in the current period.

Work order did not generate from a scheduled maintenance plan.

Possible cause: The functional location and/or equipment on the order does not have a cost center attached.

Resolution: Enter the correct cost center on the technical object. This could be either the Floc or the equipment. SAP is a cost tool. Without a cost center or element to settle costs against, the system will not generate an order.

Material issued to an order continues to stay in your pick list.

Possible cause: Final issue was not selected when issuing the material to a reservation.

Resolution: Delete reservation, then contact requestor to reorder the material.

Material received through a MIGO transaction did not have the proper unit of measure.

Possible cause: Quantity of material was not changed in the unit of entry field (this field will always default to quantity ordered).

Resolution: Correct in MIGO. Enter quantity in correct unit of measure, go to transaction MB51 and retrieve document number, enter this number in the delivery note field, then select return delivery from drop-down menu. EP


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