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S/4HANA is Tomorrow’s SAP

EP Editorial Staff | June 21, 2018

By Kristina Gordon, Illumiti

Many operations that run SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) are transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. The way of the future, this cloud-based system uses an app-oriented launch pad that makes maneuvering in the system easier than ever for maintenance technicians and those working in the field.

The launch pad is completely customizable to meet your individual work role or various group job functions, and is security managed. The launch-pad screen is laid out to handle the work-management process. Click on the button for the function you want to perform and you will be directed to the screen for that function, such as creating notifications, viewing documents, and managing work orders. While the transactions behind the apps are standard SAP, the functionality of S/4HANA is much more robust.

Fiori apps can also be developed and work with S/4HANA. These apps, at a high level, will merge several transactions so that you can view a complete work process without entering separate transaction codes. For example, you can create a notification, convert to a work order, and add components with less effort, all in the same screen, with minimal clicks.

An out-of-the-box implementation takes about four months, without customization, and can make your company much more productive performing daily tasks.

Document management is also part of the S/4HANA launch pad. Click the app, and you can manage  and create several document types and files.

Because of the many possibilities S/4HANA offers, most user companies are moving to this new version of SAP. If you have specific questions, please write to me at for more detailed examples and explanations.

In the July issue, we will answer a reader question about PM compliance and how to use SAP to help stay within regulatory guidelines. EP

The S/4HANA launch pad is completely customizable and laid out to simplify the work-management process.

From your S/4HANA launch pad:

• create notifications
• view open notifications
manage on assigned work orders
attach documents
add additional apps.

The S/4HANA launch pad also documents creation and management.

From the S/4HANA launch pad:

• manage documents

search for and create documents:

pdf files
Word documents

attach documents to SAP objects.

Kristina Gordon is SAP Principal Consultant at Illumiti, Thornhill, Ontario ( If you have SAP questions, send them to  and we’ll forward them to Kristina.



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