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Cybersecurity: Industry’s Top Priority

Gary Parr | August 21, 2018

Hackers are a problem, no matter the size of your operations and whether you have one computer or acres of fully integrated assets.

Hackers are a problem because they want to interrupt your data flow, steal information, and/or shut you down. The only way to stop these criminals is to work together to inform each other and harden all cybersecurity systems to make intrusion as difficult as possible.

The issue is so serious that leading suppliers of industrial equipment and systems have pledged to set competition aside and work together to help everyone be as cyber secure as possible. In this issue, Efficient Plant’s editors have asked experts at five of those leading suppliers to offer advice and/or address cybersecurity issues. We’ve also given each of them an opportunity to share what they’re doing as a company to battle hackers. Their offerings appear at the links below.

In addition, see below to hear a podcast with Ken Modeste, director of Connected Technologies at Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) Commercial and Industrial Business Unit, Northbrook, IL ( This will be the first in a series of monthly articles/podcasts Modeste will provide to keep you informed about cybersecurity issues.

—Gary L. Parr, Editorial Director

• Cybersecurity’s Impact: UL

• Internal Threats: Schneider Electric

• Management’s Role: Emerson

• External Threats: GE Digital

• Supply Chain Threats: Siemens



Gary Parr

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