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New Business Outcomes with Automated Diagnostics

Grant Gerke | August 20, 2018

A lot of the promise with advanced industrial networking centers around automated diagnostic reports to operators in the field or factory. Specifically, enterprises want operators and maintenance technicians to act on “exception-based” data and move past extraneous alerts that distract the team from productivity.

Another advantage with today’s industrial networking protocols is reduced programming during commissioning due to device diagnostics built-in with smart devices, such as pumps and flow meters.

Emerson’s AMS Device Manager is a technology solution that helps in reducing configuration time during commissioning. The company recently released a case study brief, titled, “How Real Users Benefited from Effective Asset Management,” which details multiple case studies at various manufacturers on the multiple asset management topics.

Below is a snippet from Warren Way in the chemical industry discussing how the AMS Device Manager is changing maintenance technician routines:

Warren Way, Control Systems Engineer at Dupont, said, “By a conservative estimate, we saved 20 days of technician time. Because this software communicates direction with each device in the field, our rigid loop checkout and interlock validation requirements could be satisfied without technicians having to physically locate some 250 newly installed transmitters, attach test instruments, and implement established test procedures.”

Moreover, new business outcomes are significant drivers in many industries and for legacy plants worldwide. In the case study brief, Eli Lilly — biotech production facilities — used the device manager solution to monitor control valves and move to a more active maintenance process.

By utilizing valve diagnostics in AMS Device Manager and pulling valves only when maintenance was needed, Eli Lilly was able to reduce the number of control valves removed each year from 28 to 7. The amount of time needed for an annual shutdown was cut in half, increasing plant availability and allowing for additional production batches.

For more details on the case studies, download “How Real Users Benefited from Effective Asset Management,” here. And below is more information on the device manager:



Grant Gerke

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