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Advanced Analytics for Spotting Bearing Problems

Grant Gerke | October 12, 2018

Many conversations with reliability and automation managers revolve around providing manufacturing data context to operations and maintenance (O&M) teams as quickly as possible when it comes rotating machinery. How to access that equipment health information can vary, with some applications using high-end machine modeling and IT solutions — with many variables — to understand potential downtime events.

Other options include single-variable tools, such as St. Louis, Mo. Emerson US’s ( PeakVue Signal technology — see video above — that filters out traditional vibration signals to focus exclusively on impacting, an indicator of overall asset health on pumps, fans, motors or any other type of rolling element bearing machine.

The video reveals the difference between simple vibration data measured in inches or centimeters/second versus PeakVue analytics measuring peak impact in g’s (g-force); also shows data of a bearing heading for failure.

Other features include porting the data to a control room:

  • Once an abnormal situation has been identified using the PeakVue overall, detailed diagnostic information can be extracted from the PeakVue waveform or spectrum to determine the exact nature of the defect.
  • PeakVue can visualize distress signals on a machine that are simply not visible with other vibration measurements. An earlier indication of developing defects facilitates optimum maintenance planning and minimizes the impact on production.

>> For more information on the bearing analytics, visit here.



Grant Gerke

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