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Predictive Pump Monitoring in these 3 Areas

Grant Gerke | December 12, 2018

emerson white paper pumps
Typical root causes and failures with pumps sets up this white paper on three areas that can reduce downtime. (Source: Emerson)

Recent Efficient Plant posts on plant investment are showing some of the challenges in getting new equipment or predictive monitoring pilot projects off the ground. With so many new technologies and the urgency to find efficiencies, many process manufacturers are implementing new digital solutions to enable non-critical pumps or motors.

A white paper from Emerson Process, St. Louis  (, “Three Innovative Ways to Improve Pump Reliability,” details the steps to expand pump monitoring in plants and remove production uncertainty due to spare pump backups.

The white paper points to these pump categories as opportunities for online condition monitoring:

• Pumps with repeat failures
• Pumps without spares
• Pumps that can cause a fire or environmental incident
• Pumps that can lead to a significant process disturbance, process shutdown or slowdown
• In summary, any pumps that previously were not considered critical enough to have wired monitoring systems in place

According to Emerson, these are three innovative methods for increasing pump availability using predictive technologies and reliability-centered maintenance best practices.

• Pump seal monitoring
• Cavitation monitoring
• Vibration monitoring

>> To read the white paper, “Three Innovative Ways to Improve Pump Reliability” click here.



Grant Gerke

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