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Six Ways To Empower Maintenance

EP Editorial Staff | January 22, 2020

A large part of any successful reliability and maintenance program is implementing effective information-management systems and consistent communication with all involved.

With a predictive-maintenance strategy and a CMMS, maintenance managers can nurture their teams and shape a less stressful, less reactive day-to-day environment. Here are six factors that will help you change the perception of your department from that of an expense to an investment.

Deliver on continued uptime: Downtime means lost revenue and managerial frustration. Predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring help a maintenance manager make efficient decisions.

Manage and meet expectations: A properly established CMMS will let maintenance managers report important KPIs to management. Reporting helps ground management demands of service levels with the reality on the front lines.

Secure and defend your budget: Get ahead of the curve and partner proactively with management. Never surprise them with a major, unexpected expense. Help management see maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.

Plan for changing of the guard: A CMMS is the first step in digitally documenting maintenance efforts to prepare for the retiring of an experienced workforce. Many veterans hold a wealth of knowledge about the assets that they have worked on for decades.

Keep teams safe: One of the benefits of using sensors in a predictive-maintenance approach is that they provide nonstop monitoring of asset conditions. Sensors negate the need for technicians to do preventive routes in hazardous environments.

Work off the same page: A CMMS gives maintenance managers a common platform to partner more effectively with peers across the organization and across shifts and locations. Partner not just with maintenance teams, but with any team that has a role in testing, inspection, and repair. EP

This article is adapted from a Fluke Accelix blog post, 9 Ways Maintenance Managers Can Become Rock Stars. Read the whole article here. For more information about Accelix products, visit


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