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Employee Self Service with Fiori

EP Editorial Staff | April 1, 2020

By Darren McGregor, Illumiti

The Fiori tool removes barriers that make purchase requisitioning difficult and slow. Available off the shelf and configurable to suit your needs, this application delivers an optimized user experience for buyers, end users, approvers, and managers. Fiori supports purchase requisitions and goods receipts for employees.

In S/4HANA, the standard tiles are available in the Employee Self-Services group:

• Create Purchase Requisition
My Purchase Requisitions
Confirm Receipt of Goods

There are three ways you can create a purchase requisition:

• Select items from an internal catalog.
Select items from a pre-determined vendor.
Create your own requisition using text.

The process for selecting from an internal catalog is simple and defined with information including price, quantity, and a picture of the items being requested. Here is an example of an internal catalog with pictures, pricing, etc.

Another example of shopping from the ESS menu is to use a “punch out”/link to an external site.

The final way to create a requisition is to simply type the item you need and add additional information manually to the requisition.

Once the requisition is created, display the status by selecting the app “My Purchase Requisitions.”

The result is a list of Purchase Requisitions that you have created.

You can then have a manager approve the requisition from a mobile device or from their laptop/desktop.

The last step of the process is to receive the goods you have ordered. Select the app “Confirm Receipt of Goods.” EP

Darren McGregor is Logistics Solution Architect at Illumiti, Thornhill, Ontario ( If you have SAP questions, send them to and we’ll forward them to Darren.


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