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Featured Podcast: Improve Reliability with Automatic Lubrication Systems

Gary Parr | June 3, 2020

Dean Hammes

Dean Hammes, Technical Manager of Automatic Lubrication Systems, and Preston Rubottom, Lubrication Reliability Solutions Manager at Lubrication Engineers Inc., Wichita, KS, explore the pros and cons of automatic-lubrication systems (ALS).

In the podcast, Hammes and Rubottom address common objections to ALSs, factors involved in specifying the systems, safety issues, and the role they play in today’s IIoT technology, and how they can significantly improve reliability. For more information, read the accompanying article, “An ALS will Boost Asset Reliability,” by Dean Hammes.

Preston Rubottom

Dean Hammes is Technical Manager of Automatic Lubrication Systems, Lubrication Engineers Inc., Wichita, KS. He is experienced at designing custom automatic lubrication systems for the mining, food and beverage, manufacturing, steel, mobile, and cement industries. In addition to sales and training certificates, Hammes holds several technical certifications, including MLT I, MLA I and MLA II from ICML, CLS from STLE, System Design from Vickers, and MSHA from U.S. Dept. of Labor. He is a member of SMRP.

Preston Rubottom, is the Lubrication Reliability Solutions Manager at Lubrication Engineers Inc., Wichita, KS. He works with large, multilocation businesses to develop comprehensive programs and provide lubrication reliability assessments, product recommendations, training, presentations, and program implementations. He holds MLT I and CLS certifications from ICML and STLE, respectively, is a member of SMRP, and serves as chairman of the Wichita, KS, chapter.


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Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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