SPONSORED: Three Ways to Increase Efficiency in the New Year

EP Editorial Staff | January 26, 2021

Save money, reduce downtime and minimize risk

By Erin Bala, director of brand management and innovation at WD-40 Company 

For many people, the New Year is a time to set resolutions and goals for self-improvement – and the same can be true for facilities. There is no time like the present to review internal processes and procedures with an aim on making things better through efficiencies and cost savings. Some improvements can do double duty by also minimizing risk, something we all know is important. A review of technology, equipment maintenance routines and ways to reduce employee turnover can go a long way when starting the year off on the right foot. Consider these tips: 

Audit Technology: There are two ways a company’s technology could be causing inefficiencies: it’s outdated or team members are not using it. Out of date technologies can lead to slow processing times and make things harder for employees. In addition, even if the team has access to the most up-to-date technology, inefficiencies can run amok if not every team member is properly trained on it or for some reason chooses not to use it altogether. The company’s current technology may offer ways to streamline work if everyone knows how to use it and the benefits of implementing it into their daily workflow. Check with employees to determine if there are issues with outdated technology or lack of working knowledge.

Upgrade Equipment Maintenance Routines: It’s no secret poorly maintained equipment can result in expensive downtime – but choosing the right maintenance products can help. A little research up front to select the right products can help protect assets, promote longer life of equipment, prevent unscheduled downtime due to unexpected equipment failure and avert accidents caused by poorly maintained machinery. Product upgrades don’t have to be an expensive investment. A few options include:

• A Longer-Lasting Lubricant: If you’re using a regular lubricant on vertical surfaces it’s time to upgrade to WD-40 Specialist® Gel Lube, which will mean less frequent applications and more time spent on the business. The Gel Lube goes on thick and stays where you spray. It also provides non-fling technology for moving parts such as gears, bearings, cables, chains, rollers and more. The no-drip formula offers 12 times longer-lasting lubrication when compared to WD-40® Multi-Use Product¹ and resists water and displaces moisture to prevent rust for up to one year.²

• Bendable Straw: Lubricating and penetrating parts in hard-to-reach areas can require disassembling equipment and nonworking equipment means expensive downtime – this is a major problem according to maintenance professionals. WD-40 Brand listened to these concerns and created the 8-inch, permanently attached bendable straw now available on cans of WD-40 EZ-REACH® – America’s #1 multi-purpose lubricant³ – and WD-40 Specialist Penetrant with Flexible Straw. The straw helps you get around corners and into tight spaces, giving you unlimited access to hard-to-reach places, ultimately saving time and money.

• Stronger Cleaners: Make better use of your time by spending less of it cleaning. An easy way to be more efficient is to find cleaning products that require less elbow grease. WD-40 Specialist Cleaner & Degreaser is engineered to be more powerful and easier to use than other degreasers on the market. It quickly breaks through tough grease and grime on tools, industrial machinery and equipment and has added corrosion inhibitors to help protect against flash rust. With the Cleaner & Degreaser, users get the bonus of a safer product than others on the market. It has a water-based, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and low-odor formula that is not only safe for use on aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, granite, leather, paint and much more, but is also biodegradable and meets U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standards.

Reduce Employee Turnover: High employee turnover creates inefficiencies in time and focus. Instead of concentrating on the core business or growing and improving, turnover leads to using  precious time and resources recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees. Additionally, unhappy employees who choose to stay may not produce quality work. One way to reduce employee turnover is to improve employee engagement and recognition. Set aside time to engage one-on-one with team members and allow the team to bond with one another and build a rapport. By engaging employees, you can address issues or concerns early on before they become a problem and potentially result in an employee leaving. Recognize employees’ hard work and share successes companywide so they feel a sense of pride in their work and in doing a good job. This will show employees their contributions are valued, which in turn can result in employees who are more productive, have less absenteeism, are more innovative, and are more satisfied and productive. 

By evaluating processes, equipment and tools at the beginning of the New Year, inefficiencies can be identified, and pivots made. Cover your bases and seek input from the entire team to help identify other areas for improvement. One way to improve efficiencies is by using the right products for the job. WD-40 Brand is constantly innovating to meet the needs of maintenance professionals, including helping save time and money, by developing specialized products that provide superior-performance for heavy-duty maintenance jobs. Regular use of WD-40 Brand products can help prolong the life of equipment, prevent costly unscheduled downtime and even reduce injuries.  Learn more at and download a copy of our facility maintenance solutions at

1 Compared to WD-40® Multi-Use Product using independent lab test ASTM D-5620A.
2 Independent tests conducted in salt spray and humidity chamber. Results may vary depending on extreme conditions.
3 All Purpose Spray Lubricant, NPD Dollar Share September 2020 




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