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Win-Win Strategy For Reliability Jobs

Klaus M. Blache | September 1, 2023


Renaissance Reliability’s transitional initiative that results in a UT-Reliability & Maintainability Implementation Certification, helps veterans transition to manufacturing positions and build reliability in industry.

On August 10, 2023, I had the opportunity to speak at and present the first ten Reliability & Maintainability Implementation Certifications (RMICs) at the inaugural Manufacturing Leaders Project graduation at Medalcraft Mint Inc., Green Bay, WI ( Established in 1948, Medalcraft Mint is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, die-struck medals, medallions, challenge coins, and military insignia for awards, gifts, and commemorative needs.

Renaissance Reliability, Quaker Hill, CT (, an RMC training partner, created and is leading the transitional initiative that results in a Univ. of Tennessee RMIC. The company is a veteran-owned and operated reliability and maintainability engineering consultancy dedicated to the American manufacturer.

The RMIC program helps veterans transition to manufacturing positions and build reliability in industry. Upon successful completion of the certification program, participants can apply for full-time positions at Medalcraft Mint or receive a recommendation letter to pursue opportunities with other manufacturing companies. 

When I started working in manufacturing, I was told that, to create wealth, you need to mine, grow, or manufacture it. In recent years, the trend has been for workers to go to service industries. Also, many future jobs will be tied to technology and data as people/companies transition their workforce to digital applications. 

Data without a purpose is worthless. Data that can improve a product, workforce applications, safety, and/or production processes, or help sell more product, is valuable. However, it all requires manufacturing/production to create wealth for the worker, company, and country. Then, having what people want at a reasonable cost drives demand which in turn requires more production. 

You will be hearing more about RMIC program as we move forward with larger classes and opportunities. At MARCON (Maintenance and Reliability Conference, March 4 to 7, 2024), the RMC will host a premiere of the documentary “Unturning Steel.” Follow along with the project and get involved at

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be a total 27.1 million jobs (63%) in 2031 with an average wage of $40,698 per year, and a total of 16.7 jobs (37%) with an average wage of  $107,988 per year. With few exceptions, almost all of these higher-paying jobs are white-collar, requiring a college degree or advanced skills. The government and media tend to focus on telling the employment story in terms of the total number of jobs available and the unemployment rate. This is an incomplete and often inaccurate description of health of the economy because it refers to quantity, not quality of jobs (“The Post-Industrial Service Economy Isn’t Working for the Middle Class,” IndustryWeek).”

Since this was a Green Bay initiative, it’s appropriate to end with a Vince Lombardi quote: “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” Replacing manufacturing jobs with low-paying service jobs is not the answer. Mining, growing, and manufacturing/producing provides quality jobs and true wealth at all levels. EP



Klaus M. Blache

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