Solution Spotlight: Leveraging An Advanced Maintenance Technology

Kathy | April 1, 2009

The FLIR T250 infrared camera is the type of advanced technology that can pay for itself in very short order. Optimized for electrical mechanical surveys, it can scan wide areas and multiple components to find trouble fast. Among other things, it also can be used to help identify unsafe working conditions from overheating motors, compressors, pipes and any number of other sources in a busy plant environment.

sol_spotlight_flirNew detector technology
The T250 is the mid-range camera in FLIR’s T-series line-up (which also includes the T200, T360 and T400). It takes advantage of the company’s newest line of lightweight, advanced infrared detectors that perform in the 7.5 to 13µm spectral range. Straightforward software and documentation help users quickly conduct surveys. The T250 is upgrade-able, too. Higher-model T-Series features can be added as needs change and grow, thus protecting your plant’s investment. Both entry-level and experienced thermographers will benefit from its ease-of-use and various productivity-targeted features, including:

  • Convenient touch-screen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to capture sharp thermal images and report findings. Using the stylus and T250 touch-screen, professionals can scroll through pre-defined lists of text to help simplify reporting chores. The on-screen sketch, marker tool, and voice annotation capability also can make it easier to describe and report findings.
  • 80 mK thermal sensitivity that delivers 200 x 150 IR resolution (30,000 pixels). That’s one-third more detail than models with 160 x 120 resolution.
  • A 25° lens for normal views. An optional 45° lens is available for wide-angle images, and a 15° telephoto lens is available for long-range work.
  • Interchangeable lenses that easily attach to the camera body. Tilting only the optic allows intuitive and productive use of the camera for extended periods of time.
  • This is a benefit to organizations that regularly conduct detailed electrical surveys.
  • Auto and manual focus features that allow a wide range of users to take advantage of the camera. This ensures that everyone can take sharp thermal images and produce accurate temperature analysis and results. The camera’s 2x digital zoom capability helps users zoom in to get close detail in a range of applications.

The T250 includes QuickReport analysis and reporting software. Optional Reporter software—a Microsoft® Word-based program—is available from FLIR for advanced analyses and report generation. MT

FLIR Systems
Boston, MA

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