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EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

0112-marketplace-listaMobile Tool Storage

 Lista’s Technician Series of carts is a line of heavy-duty, lightweight tool storage and transport solutions with 2’’ top and bottom shelves covered by ribbed rubber mats. Drawer units include a core lock, two keys and a mesh liner. These 400-lb-capacity carts have two fixed and two swivel-with-wheel-lock casters.

Lista International Corp.
Holliston, MA

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0112-marketplace-mooreWireless Link for Remote Field Sites


The WNM Wireless Network Module from Moore Industries-International can transmit process signals up to a distance of 30 miles between remote locations. By using standard operating frequencies, these units don’t require a regulatory license and can typically be installed without performing a radio-frequency site survey. The product can be used with Moore’s NCS NET Concentrator System® and other SCADA and distributed I/O systems.

Moore Industries-International
North Hills, CA

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Laser Shaft Alignment Blog

 The Alignment Blog from VibrAlign is a source of free expertise for anyone with responsibility for the precision shaft alignment of rotating equipment. It’s run by VibrAlign’s training team, composed of four experts with more than 60 years of alignment experience. Content covers alignment problems encountered in the field and how they were solved.

VibrAlign, Inc.
Richmond, VA

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0112-marketplace-deublinPlug-And-Play Electrical Slip Ring Systems

 Deublin notes its electrical slip ring systems are optimized with material configurations already tested and proven for hundreds of millions of cycles. Suited for applications ranging from wind turbines to tooling machines, the flexible design of these systems supports unique requirements and allows for easy retrofits. Available customer-specific features include RF shielding, mixed-signal-handling capabilities, high-frequency impedance matching and reduced temperature generation, among others.

Deublin Co.
Waukegan, IL

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0112-marketplace-magidComfortable, Disposable Respirators

 Magid Glove & Safety’s Precision Safety® Disposable IR1970P95 Respirators are designed to filter at least 95% of airborne particles, protect against certain oil and non-oil based particles and provide nuisance relief from acid gas and organic vapors. According to Magid, these NIOSH 42 CFR-approved products can standardize on one filtering face mask what may have previously taken three separate respirators. Comfort-enhancing features include adjustable nosepieces and full face seals.

Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC
Chicago, IL

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