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Expanded Lineup of Concentric Reducers for Heavy-Industry Applications

Jane Alexander | June 26, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.00.13 PMBaldor Electric Company has introduced an expanded line of heavy-duty concentric reducers in a full range of nine sizes, from 9800 in-lb. to 575,000 in-lb., and ratios from 2.25 to 194.6:1. According to the Baldor-Dodge Gearing Group, its Dodge Maxum XTR family of reducers is suited to use in grain, bulk-materials, steel, paper, wastewater and other heavy-industry applications where reliability and uptime are crucial.

Combining high-power capacities and harsh-duty capabilities as standard in ductile iron housings, the products incorporate a tandem sealing system that features an HNBR oil seal and contact excluder seal with a purge-capable grease capacity.

Offered with standard 3-year warranties, Maxum XTR reducers in select ratios with scoop motor mounts are in stock at Baldor’s Crossville, TN, warehouse.








Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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