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Emerson’s Plantweb Apps Simplify Asset Health Monitoring

Gary Parr | October 5, 2017

With the demand to implement the Internet of Things, the challenge is knowing where to start.

Plants generate more data than ever before without meaningful analytics to guide expert decisions and actions. Plant web provides customers with a scalable, easy path into Industrial IoT (IIoT) benefits that will transform data into information that plant personnel can use to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of assets, people, and processes.

Emerson’s Plantweb Insight apps can be quickly deployed and easily accessed anytime, anywhere in real-time by reliability and maintenance staff to improve asset operations in chemical, oil and gas, and refining. Plantweb Insight apps help improve asset reliability and energy usage by identifying abnormal situations and inefficiencies, recognizing optimum maintenance times, and tracking asset health to identify and prevent failures before they occur. They also can avoid potential safety incidents and ensure regulatory compliance, reducing fines and environmental impact though the real-time identification of leaks and other hazards. Plantweb Insight is currently available with applications for steam-trap, pump, and pressure-gauge monitoring. The newest app in the suite is Heat Exchanger Insight, which provides an overview of heat-exchanger status and diagnostics from all the instruments on the network.

Plantweb Insight applications launching in the next year include:

• Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger, which recognizes abnormal situations in the air-cooled heat exchanger such as fan vibration, reduced cooling, louver defects, and fouling.

• Pressure Relief Device Insight identifies failures in relief devices such as simmering and leaking and offers suggestions to resolve the situation. The app also logs all release events to assist with regulatory compliance, and tracks production and emission impact in relation to goals and regulations.

• Network Management Insight manages as many as 100 wireless gateways. It quickly identifies network status and any abnormal conditions, and recognizes network issues such as reliability, pinch points, and network load, then guides users to resolve any issues.

• Corrosion Insight gathers insight into pipe integrity and health and identifies safety and reliability events before they cause shutdowns. The app tracks and trends corrosion rates to proactively address issues and provides guidance in how to correct any issues.

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Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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