Featured Product: Keep An Extra EYE On Your Motors

EP Editorial Staff | April 18, 2024


In today’s competitive marketplace, motor reliability is essential. However, monitoring motor health is increasingly difficult in today’s shrinking labor force environment. Companies seeking to gain a competitive edge are turning to permanently installed motor testing technology which improves motor reliability, is safer than manual testing, addresses the reduced labor force issue, and provides a more efficient, profitable operation.

With the permanently installed PdMAEYE, powered by PdMA’s MCEGold software, watching your motors twenty-four hours every day you can focus your attention and limited resources on other priorities. When the PdMAEYE senses a change in your motor you are immediately notified of the change, prompting you to sign on to the MCEGold analysis software to confirm the condition and take action. Constantly receiving vital motor information twenty-four hours a day allows your company to react in real time to take steps to keep the motor running optimally.

Click here for more information from PdMA.


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