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Schneider Electric Rolls Out 3 Software Solutions for Food & Beverage Sector

Jane Alexander | October 4, 2017

Schneider Electric (Lake Forest, CA) is launching three new software solutions for Food & Beverage manufacturers.

Announced at the company’s 2017 Innovation Summit: Software Conference running Oct. 3-5, in San Antonio, the trio is part of Schneider Electric’s ongoing effort to drive operational excellence, efficiency, and performance while enabling regulatory and food safety compliance.  The new offerings include:

Label Assurance inspects and validates packaging labels against their intended SKU at the packaging line level, reducing the risk of product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergens. With Label Assurance, manufacturers perform automated 100% label checks. The solution updates the scanned data back to the work order, providing labeling performance reports in real-time. This allows engineers to easily perform continuous improvement analytics, saving significant time by not having to comb through tons of raw data.

Energy Performance for Manufacturing converts data from disparate sources into actionable intelligence to optimize energy management and consumption while furthering sustainability initiatives. Lower energy consumption, made possible through contextualized data-driven insights, can be acted upon to quickly identify critical energy efficiency gaps for improved efficiency and profitability. With real-time monitoring of power network quality and reliability, root cause analysis can be performed and critical electrical issues can be easily identified before damaging sensitive electrical equipment resulting in unplanned production stoppages.

Advanced Process Control (APC) designed for multivariate processes such as evaporation and spray drying, APC improves production yield and quality. Automatic, predictive and closed loop control ensures the process is producing at its optimum level based on real-time readings of variables, thereby maximizing profits. One of the world’s largest diary companies deployed APC across their production facilities for spray dryer optimization and achieved a 10 percent increase in throughput and an 8 percent reduction in energy consumption with zero product quality violations.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Schneider Electric’s Food and Beverage software solutions.




Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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