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Yokogawa Releases Operations Management Software

Gary Parr | February 21, 2018

Yokogawa's Operations Management software improves enterprise communication.

At the ARC 2018 conference, Yokogawa Electric Corp., Sugar Land, TX, released Operations Management, a software package for recording and managing data resulting from work performed by plant personnel. The software allows plant operations and management personnel to share information on items such as unusual events, work progress, and operation workflows.

In addition to incorporating all of the functions used to record operation and work instructions and prepare reports for shift handover, the Operations Management software features a number of new functions that help to ensure personnel thoroughly understand all work processes, reduce operator workload, and improve operational efficiency:

• Incident management ensures that workflow for the handling of near misses and incidents is carried out in a unified manner, from the recording of the incident occurrence to the implementation of countermeasures and verification of results.

• Management of change is a function that ensures the workflow for changing plant facilities or operation processes is carried out in a unified manner. Such workflows may involve performing risk assessments, reporting changes to relevant personnel, and change implementation.

• Permit to work digitizes workflow for obtaining permission to perform field work

• Intuitive user interface provides at-a-glance comprehension of operational status and ability to import operating instruction checklists created in Excel into the Operations Management database.

Mobile-device version will be released in June 2018 for use on tablets and other mobile devices. The mobile version will allow workers in the field to easily view all necessary information, thereby increasing operational efficiency and helping to ensure that all required tasks are carried out.




Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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