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Digital Transformation? ‘Slo-Mo’ is the Word

Jane Alexander | March 25, 2019

It looks as though the delay in adoption of advanced technologies and reliance on legacy and manual systems is becoming a barrier to the manufacturing industry moving processes and business practices into the digital age.

At least that’s what recently released results of a 2018 survey conducted by the tech company Plutoshift, Palo Alto, CA, (, suggest. The bottom line, according to the researchers, “Manual data analysis is robbing manufacturing professionals of the complete picture of their processes and keeping them from making informed, real-time decisions to improve efficiency. Several of the findings are shown here. EP

Plutoshift, Palo Alto, CA (, helps sites harness the power of existing plant data for improved operations and throughput efficiencies. As discussed here, the company’s 2018 survey of 500 mid-level manufacturing professionals in various industries was completed online. Responses were random, voluntary, and completely anonymous. 

To learn more about the survey and download the full report, click here.



Jane Alexander

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