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Plan Work Quickly with S/4HANA

EP Editorial Staff | January 22, 2020

Interface moves you from notification to planned work in six simple steps.

By Kristina Gordon, Illumiti

The new paradigm in S/4HANA aims to help users understand how they are doing (embedded analytics) and what they should be working on (through exception reporting), in addition to facilitating day-to-day transaction processing. This month we’re going to focus on embedded analytics and planning. The scenario begins with a notification that is converted to a work order, then plan materials, and labor. It is important to note that the screens and dashboards shown are a standard out-of-the box solution with S/4HANA Fiori.

+ Step 1:

Navigate to Planner/Scheduler user group and click on Maintenance Planning Overview.

+ Step 2:

Select Notifications for Screening and review open notifications. (The dashboard also gives some critical metrics such as purchasing information for the work order and status by priority).

+ Step 3:

Select first notification and click arrow, notification will display. Click Generate Orders to convert approved notification to a work order.

+ Step 4:

Now view on dashboard that notification has moved from notification for screening to Orders for Planning.

+ Step 5:

Click Orders for Planning, work order will display, check the box and click the arrow on the side.

+ Step 6:

Fill in information and select set system status and release the order. The order for planning has now moved from the planning tile. EP

Kristina Gordon is SAP Principal Consultant at Illumiti, Thornhill, Ontario ( If you have SAP questions, send them to and we’ll forward them to Kristina.



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