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Joint Solution Provides Measured, Verified Air Purification

Gary Parr | June 11, 2020

mCloud and SecureAire have combined their respective technologies to provide a system to help keep employees safe.

mCloud, Vancouver, BC, Canada, a provider of asset-management solutions combining IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (“AI”), and analytics, is combining the AI-powered HVAC and indoor-air-quality capabilities of the company’s AssetCare platform with air-purification technology based on active particle control through a partnership with SecureAire LLC, Oldsmar, FL.

The combined offering deploys mCloud’s AssetCare through commercial IoT thermostats with humidity and air-quality sensors to adaptively ventilate and manage building airflow based on how a building is being used. SecureAire provides an air filtration system used today in more than 60 hospitals, based on semiconductor cleanroom technology that takes advantage of this managed airflow to drive airborne contaminants to an electrostatic field that supplies the necessary voltage to oxidize and kill dangerous pathogens and viruses such as COVID-19.

Through the use of analytics, mCloud and SecureAire can also provide facility managers with the ability to measure and verify the air quality of their spaces in real-time. “mCloud has taken this position to help our current customer base by joining forces with SecureAire across North America,” said Dr. Barry Po, mCloud’s President Connected Solutions and Chief Marketing Officer. “This combined AssetCare solution with SecureAire will enable business owners to confidently reassure customers, employees, and local health authorities they have taken decisive action to minimize the risk of infection in their businesses.” For more information, go to http://www.mcloudcorp.com/backtobusiness.


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Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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