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EP Editorial Staff | January 17, 2013

0113mplaceirissImpact-Resistant IR Windows Exceed Industry Standards

The IRISS Platinum Series of clear, impact-resistant (from both sides) polymer infrared (IR) windows render traditional crystal IR windows obsolete. Made of Poly-View System™ clear polymer, they were designed to exceed industry standards as the only impact-resistant IR windows featuring electrical inspection capabilities in UV, visual and all IR spectrums. According to the manufacturer, the polymer maintains a fixed, stable transmission using any UV or IR camera and stands up to acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration and high frequency noise, without degrading like crystal optics. Certified and tested to UL, CSA, IEEE, IP65/NEMA 4, Lloyds of London Type Approval and American Bureau of Shipping, Platinum Series products are available in round and rectangular shapes, with customizable housing materials, gaskets, covers, locking devices, private labeling and color. Custom solutions can be configured to any shape or size.

Bradenton, FL

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0113mplacepentairPortable, Heavy-Duty iPad Protection

The Hoffman® tablet enclosure and stand for iPad® devices from Pentair provides industrial-strength shielding and security for iPad 2 and 3 devices in demanding environments. The unit adjusts to four different heights without tools and disassembles for easy portability. Operators can remove the enclosure from the stand and mount it with a low-profile, wall- or table-mount for space-restricted areas.

Pentair Equipment Protection
Anoka, MN

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0113mplacesunnenQuick-Read Bore Gauges 

Sunnen PG Bore Gauges feature a mechanical design and speedometer-type scale for quick visual confirmation of inside diameter. They combine high accuracy (±0.000025”/0.0006mm) with a portable design that’s mountable on machining stations, and can be used to examine the entire bore for diameter, taper, barrel, bell mouth, out-of-round and lobing. The speedometer-type scale provides readouts down to 0.000050” (.001 mm) for inspection of machining operations or fast sampling of large lots.

Sunnen Products Co.
St. Louis, MO

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Deploy One CMMS For Multiple Sites

According to CyberMetrics, the Asset Grouping feature in its FaciliWorks 8i Enterprise CMMS maintenance management software makes it easier to manage maintenance operations of multiple sites by permitting the partitioning of a single database by department, location, asset type or any other criteria. Users can be limited to one or more groups of site-specific assets, which improves efficiency and record security while still allowing for full record access to managers.

CyberMetrics Corp.
Phoenix, AZ

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0113mplacesensorexProgrammable Process Fluid Monitor

Sensorex’s CX-3000 Transmitter monitors changes in process fluids, displaying conductivity, resistivity, salinity and temperature. The unit is suited for process control in water, chemical, electronics, food production, environmental and wastewater applications. A push-button interface enables user programming on-site for desired monitoring, with password protection option for added security. A dual-output design with dedicated (0)4 – 20mA output for temperature measurement eliminates the need for a separate temperature transmitter.

Garden Grove, CA

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Diesel Generators

Generac has refreshed its line of 400/500/600kW diesel industrial-configured generators for single and paralleled emergency and standby solutions. The units now include Perkins® diesel engines for higher efficiency and ease of maintenance, according to the company. The frames and enclosures of these engines have also been standardized to align them with other Generac Industrial Power products.

Generac Power Systems, Inc.
Waukesha, WI

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Continuous Flex Cable Delivery Program

Tsubaki KabelSchlepp’s continuous flex cable program features no minimum quantities or cutting costs and delivers according to customer requirements. High-quality cable ranges are available in various conductor counts, from 4 through 25. Each cable is produced with an outer PVC or PUR jacket highlighted by a high-flex design and high abrasion resistance. All are designed to operate in the company’s range of dynamic cable and hose carrier systems.

Tsubaki KabelSchlepp
Milwaukee, WI

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0113mplacearcadShort-Circuit Calculation Software

ARCAD’s Short Circuit Analytic software program performs available fault current calculations in three-phase electric power systems. The program considers electrical parameters of the power supply and the power distribution system, including utility, cables, bus ducts, transformers, generators and motors. It automatically converts the entire system into a unique impedance unit from which the short circuit current at each point is calculated.

Etobicoke, ON, Canada

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0113mplacearoAir-Operated Piston Pumps

ARO Fluid Products’ AFX™ line of air-operated piston pumps and systems features air motors in five sizes from 4.25” to 12”. Each includes the brand’s Progressive Exhaust™, a True Link Valve™ and integrated regulator technology used on 2-ball, 4-ball and chop-check pumps. The pumps are well suited for transfer of shear-sensitive, viscous, corrosive and abrasive fluids in a range of applications.

ARO Fluid Products
An Ingersoll Rand Co. Brand
Davidson, NC

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Battery-Powered Material-Handling Device

The Light Duty CartMover™ from Appleton is a compact, battery-powered material-handling device with a small footprint and weight capacity. It is constructed with an upright configuration and a self-contained, on-board charging system. Built using the same steel frame construction as the company’s Standard Duty model, it features a differential drive system, variable-speed throttle control and programmable speed controller.

Appleton Mfg. Division
Neenah, WI

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