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Green Gadget: Rugged Turbine Meters With Available Pulse Output

EP Editorial Staff | January 18, 2013

0113gadget1Omega’s FTB-630 Series turbine meters are dry-register mechanical totalizers that offer accurate, economical reading of high flows with low pressure loss. The horizontal-axis turbine drives a vertical shaft that is magnetically coupled to a sealed register. In addition to mechanical totalizing, registers can be equipped with magnetic pulse reed sensors well suited for remote totalizing, pacing of electronic metering pumps and water treatment applications. The FTB-630 Series features 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” pipe sizes and bodies manufactured of tough cast iron epoxy-coated for protection. Tungsten steel shafts and jewel bearings further enhance the durability of these products. Simple removal of the top flange reveals all parts for inspection, repair or replacement. The meters’ tamper-evident seals clearly call attention to unauthorized access.

Omega Engineering, Inc.
Stamford, CT

For more info, enter 03 at www.MT-freeinfo.com





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