The Corporate Report 2013: Des-Case Corporation

EP Editorial Staff | November 26, 2013

Des-Case understands the importance of fluid cleanliness and the role it plays in helping equipment investments last longer. For more than 25 years, we’ve pioneered solutions to help maintain lubricant quality specific to your applications. Featuring designs unparalleled in the marketplace, Des-Case products are used wherever lubricant life and performance are essential to daily operations.

Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Dessicant Breathers

  • Continuous innovation: Des-Case invented the desiccant breather and continues to design new innovations.
  • Widest variety of high-value solutions: From small gearboxes to large hydraulic systems or storage tanks, Des-Case breathers are engineered to last and are matched with your specific needs.

A Full Line of Fluid-Handling Products & Adapters

  • Easily customizable: Des-Case filtration systems can be easily configured to your exact needs. Larger systems are also designed to your specs.
  • Rugged design/thousands of options: Des-Case systems incorporate smart technology to make contaminant filtration a simple task, requiring less equipment and labor, while reducing system contamination.

Lubrication Transformation: Putting Best Practices Into Practice

  • Consultation services and in-depth training:  We specialize in helping companies pinpoint lubrication issues and identify ways to address them, including plant surveys, one-day best-practice overviews and intensive training classes with ICML certification options.
  • A knowledgeable team:  Our Lubrication Transformation program is man-aged by lubrication engineers with years of in-plant experience. Visit our Website to learn more about how we can help you take the next step in your best-practice journey.

Whenever you’re in need of contamination control, you can count on Des-Case to provide the right products and services to keep you up and running.

1112crdescaseDes-Case Corporation
675 N. Main Street
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Ph: 615.672.8800




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