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Marsh Bellofram Offers 10-Day Standard Lead Times for Instrumentation & Control Lines

Jane Alexander | June 18, 2014

Marsh Bellofram has announced that it is now offering 10-day standard lead times across its full divisional product portfolio of high-performance OEM, industrial and process-control instrumentation. The announcement pertains to more than 3500 standard models from the Bellofram Group of Companies, many of which can be purchased on the company’s Website.

Items include industrial timers and counters from Automatic Timing & Controls; pump and motor protection switches and relays from ATC Diversified Electronics; BelGas gas pressure regulators; specialty rolling elastomeric diaphragms from Bellofram Diaphragms; WESTCON AC tachometers; industrial air-pressure regulators from Bellofram Precision Controls; Bellofram Silicones specialty silicone elastomer sponge and molded products; tank and liquid-level measurement systems from King Engineering; Marsh Instruments industrial pressure instruments and gauges; and brushless DC tachometer generators, optical encoders and motor generators from ServoTek Products.

All Bellofram products are made in the USA. According to the company, each product is fully tested prior to factory shipment to ensure its ability to withstand demanding environments.

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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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