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Helical Gearboxes

Gary Parr | June 27, 2016

IronHorse line of motor products includes helical gearboxes said to provide quiet startup and smooth operation in applications such as conveyors, packaging machines, and rotary tables. For use with 1- to 20-hp electric motors, the gearboxes have C-face to TC-face inputs, inline outputs, and are available in five frame sizes from 56C to 254/6TC with six nominal ratios of 5:1 to 60:1. Constructed of FC-20 cast-iron, one-piece housings, the units have a carbon-steel shaft protected with shaft sleeves, and heat-treated and ground high-strength steel gears. An interior channel guides oil to directly and constantly lubricate heavy-duty bearings on the output shaft. Double-lipped embedded oil seals prevent leakage. Mountable in most directions, the universally interchangeable compact design reportedly ensures easy OEM replacement.

Cumming, GA



Gary Parr

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