Health Checks for Bearings

EP Editorial Staff | October 2, 2019

The Ability Smart Sensor for Dodge mounted bearings, part of the company’s Ability Digital Powertrain, allows “health checks” for bearings.

The smart-sensor technology provides an early indicator of any potential problems by assessing the condition of bearings from vibration and temperature information. This helps prevent downtime on applications such as bulk-material-handling conveyors typically found in the mining, aggregate, and cement industries, as well as applications in the food and beverage and air-handling sectors. The sensor uses algorithms to assess, manage, and ensure performance of components. Eighty percent of bearing failures are reportedly lubrication related and a bearing running hot can indicate that proper lubrication procedures are not in place. Monitoring a bearing’s vibration can indicate potential system problems. The smart sensor mounts to the bearing and communicates wirelessly using a smartphone or other device, keeping users safe and allowing access to bearing health data in locations that may be difficult or dangerous to reach.

Cary, NC



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