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Featured Product: OnTrack SmartLube

EP Editorial Staff | March 22, 2022

One of the biggest reoccurring challenges that plants must face is how to extend and optimize their bearing lubrication processes on their more expensive assets.

Since 60%-80% of premature bearing failures are due to lubrication-related missteps such as under lubricating, over lubricating, or using the wrong type of grease, it is important to utilize the power of ultrasound for a far more consistent and safer approach.

The OnTrak SmartLube will constantly monitor the condition of your bearings and remotely lubricate as needed, from anywhere at any time. Using real-time prescriptive friction monitoring with the convenience and precision of single-point lubricators, the OnTrak SmartLube eliminates the most common causes of premature bearing failure.

The power of ultrasound offers immediate and invaluable advantages to ensuring that your equipment is running at optimum efficiency. By moving from time-based lubrication to condition-based lubrication, you are drastically improving your lubricating practices and ensuring your assets are protected.

UE Systems Inc.
Elmsford, NY


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