Fluke Accelix Merges Data Silos

Gary Parr | May 4, 2017

The new Accelix platform, introduced today by Fluke Corp., Everett, WA (, connects the company’s eMaint cloud-based CMMS with its Fluke Connect Wireless test tools and Fluke Condition Monitoring. The key development is that the platform eliminates manual digital entry, allowing reliability and maintenance professionals to quickly gather data and, most important, actually do something with the information.

• The platform is designed to address issues in several areas:
There are a third fewer manufacturing facilities today than existed prior to the recession. All are operating at higher productivity levels with smaller teams.
• Continuous margin pressure has converted maintenance from a cost center to a bottom-line contributor, but maintenance metrics don’t convert to top line KPIs.
• Increased quality and transparency requirements at all levels.
• “My team doesn’t speak data. They fix machines. How do I get buy-in?”
• Younger workers expect answers right away.
• Small- to medium-sized plants don’t have data scientists.
• Best people have been promoted to management levels and the team under them is lean and green. Moving forward is hard.
• There are too many technology choices and not enough obvious ROI.
• “Taking advantage of IIOT? Not without a WiFi hotspot or cell coverage! We can’t use smart devices on the floor.”
• “I have so many different legacy proprietary systems I can’t get an overall viewpoint, much less standardize or scale.”

Accelix makes maintenance activities and data visible and connects the reliability and maintenance team to the rest of the enterprise. Because it’s SaaS (software as a service), the platform is accessible and targeted at small- and mid-sized manufacturing operations. According to Kevin Clark, Strategic Alliances Director, Fluke Digital Systems, “Our culture is ready for this. They want data right now.”




Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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