Compressed Air Systems Products

Adjustable Red-and-Green-Zone Dial Gauges

Gary Parr | August 3, 2017

Gauges with adjustable red-and-green-zone dial faces standardize the visual cues for compressed-air systems and offer maximum visibility of red-zone pressure or vacuum conditions. Red indicator bands on the high and low end of the green zone are said to be easily adjusted to delineate the upper and lower boundaries of safe operation for each pressure or vacuum system to which the gauge is applied. The visually impactful red band, covering the entire out-of-specification zone on the dial face, makes deviations from acceptable conditions easy to see. This type of simple-to-understand monitoring/warning system aids all personnel. Gauges feature dual displays: Psi/bar for pressure, bar/InHg for vacuum. Various pressure-range gauges are available with the maximum pressure at 150 psi/10 bar.

Festo Corp.
Hauppauge, NY



Gary Parr

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