PODCAST: Driving Motors with the Yaskawa U1000

Gary Parr | December 6, 2021

Christopher Jaszczolt

The Yaskawa U1000 Industrial Matrix motor drive uses a direct AC-to-AC, input-to-output power conversion that inherently provides low input harmonics and full 100% regeneration. The result is a design that provides a high level of efficiency, easy installation, and a high level of reliability. In this podcast, Chris Jaszczolt, Matrix Drive Product Manager at Yaskawa America Inc., Waukegan, IL (yaskawa.com), describes how the U1000 design functions and the many benefits it provides.

Christopher Jaszczolt is no stranger to motion control, having spent more than ten years working for a global leader in motion-control products, Yaskawa America Inc. Jaszczolt’s diversified experience comes from his time spent as a technical support engineer, an application engineer and, most recently, in product management. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Northern Illinois University, Dekalb.


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Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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