Device-Management Software

EP Editorial Staff | July 1, 2022

The company’s device-management software is fully registered by FieldComm Group to support the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard.

FDI registration will reduce the need for plants to support two different technologies to integrate and maintain field devices. Full FDI registration avoids the need for a patchwork of systems and devices that only support individual elements of FDI but still require extensive integration. Because manufacturers can pick and choose individual FDI features to support, some device-management applications will likely not contain every feature a plant requires. Emerson’s AMS Device Manager requires all features to be supported by the software. The latest release is said to make it easier, more secure, and more cost effective to access device data. FDI integration technology eliminates the need for plants to support the two most common technologies for installing and configuring devices: Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager (FDT/DTM). Instead, all FDI devices support a single installation package.

St. Louis


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