Product Announcement: All-In-One Monitoring System From UE Systems

EP Editorial Staff | October 31, 2023


UE Systems is excited to unveil their Ultraprobe 15,000 – reimagined! A safe, reliable and efficient plant is within everyone’s reach. The Ultraprobe 15,000 puts that capability in the palm of your hands. No longer do you need to accept unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance simply because that’s how it has always been.

The Ultraprobe 15,000 uses ultrasound to analyze everything from bearings and electrical systems to steam traps and leaks. For the first time, a single hand-held tool can test and report on every aspect of a plant’s equipment. This reimagined version of the widely praised Ultraprobe 15,000 offers a sleeker, more ergonomic design with Wi-Fi communication that is Cloud Ready. Don’t keep falling behind – UE Systems is just getting started reimagining ultrasound!

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